Few visitors to Onancock get to experience Onancock and it’s Creek in this way.  Make your reservations today!  Open to the public or for private or business events.

Daily cruises leave the Onancock Wharf at 5:15 PM and arrive back at the dock by 6:30 PM in time for your dinner reservations in town.

Our Captain has 100% authority over the viability of a safe outing and space is limited for safety and comfort.

The cost for the round-trip shuttle is $30 per person.

We do not offer refunds or pro-rated fees if the Captain feels weather or any other safety-related issue will shorten your time at the beach.

Ware Point is a treasure for many reasons and is a carry-in/carry-out beach and nature preserve.  $150 will be added to your credit card on file if the Captain needs to return and/or remove trash or debris of any kind.

The cost for the day is $700 and will be divided evenly among the number of guests aboard.

Tangier Ferry shuttles leave the Wharf in Onancock at 10:30 AM and pick you up at 3:30 PM on Tangier.